Frequently Asked Questions

What do the girls wear for training?

All girls must wear the LPN white T-shirt to all training sessions. Students must wear either dark training shorts/skirts/skorts or tracksuit bottoms. LPN does sell an optional training skort, which can be purchased from our shop. Girls are also advised to wear netball trainers or if these are not available, cross or running trainers.

We have purchased kit from the online store, when will it arrive?

All kit purchased prior to the start of term will be distributed onsite on the first week of Academy Netball training. If you are ordering during the term, you may have to wait two training sessions before your items become available for distribution.   

Can my daughter wear jewelry to the session?

NO jewelry is permitted to be worn.

What does my child need to bring to each session?

All students must bring with them a bottled drink.

I would like to watch, am I allowed?

Parents are permitted to watch sessions; however each site has a designated viewing area, please ask a member of our team where this is.

Can I take pictures?

No pictures are permitted onsite.

My daughter needs a reference for a new school application, what do I do?

Lets Play Netball does not provide references however, we can provide a Certificate of Attendance if requested.  This service is available to current members who have attended a minimum of three academic terms consecutively and have a of minimum 75% attendance record.

Unfortunately, if you have left the LetsPlayNetball Academy programmes, then we are not able to provide a Certificate of Attendance.

All requests are to be made via the member’s portal 

The cost of the Certificate is £10 +£2.50 postage & packaging. Requests for Certificates will only be taken during term time, and we require 10 working days before the end of term for this to be prepared. Certificates will be sent by Royal Mail Signed for delivery and will be should be within 15 working days from date of request.

Signing IN and OUT.

Parents/Guardians are required to sign participants In and Out in our register. If you would like to make alterative arrangements about the collection of your child, please provide a written note to the Head Coach at the start of the session and must inform your child the name of the person who will be collecting them and we may ask that person for ID. We will not and cannot take responsibility for a child’s presence and whereabouts if this requirement is not complied with.

If you would like you daughter to travel independently, please complete an Independent Travel note (this can be found on the website’s member’s area).  Please accept our apology if this causes you a slight delay, but we take our responsibilities very seriously.

What happens if there is bad weather?

If there is extreme weather that will affect accessibility, health and safety of our participants and staff, then all parents will be notified of the postponement (Please check the alternative dates for each term). Notification of postponement will be sent via email or text on the Friday before the session/s take places, where possible. If you are based in an outdoor facility, training goes ahead if it is rain.

Covid 19 Guidance


In preparing for meeting your team mates for netball activity, here/ is an overview of the relevant Government Guidance and our current recommendations in relation to mitigating and managing the spread of Covid 19.  There is also a LPN Covid Guidance online to be read in conjunction with this overview for additional information. 

This overview relates to the players, and parents collecting and dropping off at the netball venue.   See LPN protocol re-notification of Covid 19-and the relevant procedure for yourself and anyone in your support bubble or household.

An attendance list is maintained to support NHS trace protocol.

If you become unwell with a new continuous cough, high temperature or have a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste, you must stay home and isolate in your household, or anyone in your support bubble, and not meet up with people outside of your household.

Check this link to read more about the symptoms and what to do if you have these symptoms.

Anyone experiencing Covid symptoms , even if mild, must not leave home, and must isolate.

Travel to the venue by walking, cycling, or private car, if possible.

Parents are not allowed on court.

Parents to socially distanced when dropping off and collecting players.  

Parents /carers encouraged not to hover around the venue and leave the sessions promptly.


Players should have their own hand sanitiser and in the event of not having any hand sanitiser on them, LPN will provide hand sanitiser.

Do not make physical contact with other players.

Warm up/cool down should always observe social distancing.

Goal celebration to be avoided.


Team mates from different household should keep two metres apart at all times where possible.

Sharing of balls will be minimised and balls and cones sanitised as regularly as possible.  

The maximum participants in any group should be 30 excluding the coaching staff.

Avoid touching the netball post where possible.

Water bottles must not be shared, and there are no snack breaks just a break for hydration.   Training sessions are for 1-1.15 hr session with no more than 1 hour of close contact permiteed. Players to eat before or after their session.

During breaks players to adhere to 2m social distancing.


Cleaning Equipment

Our Coaches will clean the balls with sanitiser between sessions or use a second set.

Follow any Covid signage displayed at the venue site